RYL Course- “Super” Beta Area

(As in I’m not sure if I would call this a beta course… it’s super beta. ;)

Fear not, this is not where this course will live, I just needed a quick place to house the videos for you to access easily.

About the course:

It is an expansion of the Rock Your Live Workbook. The overall goal of the course is for students to have a robust live stream strategy to grow their business, a strong beginning and ending to every live, and a quick way to plan their live so they implement quickly.

How to use this page:

For the videos to make sense, please go in order.

As you’re watching the videos, please let me know any places where something doesn’t make sense or if I’ve over or under explained.

Also, I would love your overall thoughts about the helpfulness of the content. Please be completely honest. All feedback you have is welcomed!!

When the course officially launches, you will have access to it in its “real” home.

Download the workbook:

Download the “unofficial” workbook.” (This is the most updated version. It is the Rock Your Live Method workbook. I’m sure it will be updated… again, but this will at least get you started if you don’t already have it.)



Lesson 1: Livestream Strategy + Goal Overview


Lesson 2: Method For Achieving The Goal Of Your Live


Lesson 3: How To Choose The Best Method For Achieving Your Goal


Lesson 4: Ways To Use Different Methods To Achieve The Goal Of Your Live

Introduce Yourself To The Audience


More videos coming soon!